Font Embedding Solution

Low volume font + custom engine

The font data volume has been reduced so that the font consumes few resources even with an embedded device, and high-speed display has been realized with the custom font-rendering engine. We offer high-quality, scalable fonts for an environment that does not have a font engine.
We offer a solution that suits your use, from "RT++Engine", which places priority on display quality, "KS-Engine", which is fast and light, and "Mobile Font" plus "Layout Engine", which can represent various languages with high-quality typefaces. We also offer engines that enable you to efficiently use your bitmap font.

Embedding Fonts

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This font reproduces a typeface of a quality comparable to that attained with printing, when used in combination with a custom engine. It is best suited for UI designs that play a major role in the branding of products. You can add plug-ins for ligatures and scripts for writing from right to left.


  • High-definition display panel that places priority on the visibility and readability of the typeface


  • Reduces the data volume without changing the quality of the typeface through conversion into a dedicated format.
  • Can use a rich lineup of Morisawa typefaces.
  • Reduces introduction costs with full porting support.
  • Supports OpenVG.
  • Supports Linux, Brew, ITRON, Windows, and Android.


This is a high-speed engine that minimizes the data size of a font. It is best suited to devices that require the display of Chinese characters but no typeface variations. It is particularly effective for reducing the font data volume for Japanese and Chinese (simplified and traditional).


  • Various display devices that cannot allocate much memory space to a font


  • Realizes reductions in the font data volume.

Japanese and Chinese character sets and font data volume

Language Character set Font data volume
Japanese JIS X 0201/0208 About 140KB
Chinese (Simplified) GB2312 About 190KB
GB18030 About 560KB
Chinese (Traditional) Big5 About 330KB


This font and the engine are ideal if you want to install more than one bitmap font in a device in which you cannot install a scalable font engine for an embedded device. Our proprietary compression technology can minimize the bitmap font volume.


  • Industrial equipment that makes great use of fixed display sizes


  • Capable of incorporating, as a small volume, bitmap font data for multiple typefaces having different font sizes.

Mobile Font

This is a scalable font with which a range of font sizes can be realized, using a low volume font and a custom rasterizer. It is recommended for devices that place emphasis on weight and performance. It can display small to large characters clearly and at high speed on mobile phones, e-book readers, tablets, and so on.


  • Display of characters in a range of sizes ranging from small to large
  • Display of characters in an environment with no embedded rasterizer
  • If you want to reduce the necessary data volume.


  • High-speed display of a scalable font
  • Speeds up the character generation process by application of the font cache function.
  • Capable of multi-thread processing.
  • Offers high-quality display characters with a variety of typefaces.
  • Reduces the font data volume with the application of a character assembly method with dots and strokes.
  • Can be embedded in a variety of platforms through development in ANSI C.
  • If combined with the Arphic Layout Engine, can easily display a language for which the character configuration rules are complicated.
  • Can be embedded in many types of product (for example, DTVs, STBs, and smartphones).
  • Can support GUIs and embedded systems such as Android 2.x and 4.x, Linux, Qt, and Brew MP.
  • Supports many CPUs such as ARM, X86, MIPs, PowerPC, XScale, and SuperHTM.

Examples of character decoration

Layout Engine

This engine can easily display languages that have a complicated configuration (such as Thai, Arabic, and Hindi), using a bitmap font, a TrueType font, or Mobile Font. It supports various languages, and can also support writing from left to right, writing from right to left, and bidirectional, mixed arrangements. It is recommended for embedded devices to be offered overseas.


  • Easy display of languages that are usually difficult to display
  • If you want to perform character alignment such as left alignment, centering, and end alignment.


  • Can display Thai and other languages in which the vowel and consonant combinations are complicated.
  • Can display Arabic and other languages for which the typesetting direction is right to left and in which the shapes of characters may change depending on their positions in a word.
  • Can display Hindi and other languages where the concatenation character may change in shape depending on the character combination.
  • Provides multilingual support, capable of displaying multiple languages on a single line at the same time.
  • Supports the flow of text into a polygonal area.
  • Supports cursor position control and character editing.
  • Can rotate and display character strings.
  • Can be embedded into platforms such as Android, WindowsCE, Symbian S60, and VX-Works.
  • Supports OpenGL and OpenVG.

Supported multi languages

Area Language
Latin&CJK English, European languages, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean
Thai Thai
Vietnamese Vietnamese
Arabic Arabic, Persian, Urdu
Hebrew Hebrew
Khmer Cambodian
Myanmar Burmese
Indic Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Sinhalese, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarat, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Assamese