Licensing designed for your applications

Advances continue expand typographic boundaries, as text appears in print, online, on IoT devices, in games, in the metaverse, and beyond. Morisawa monitors new developments to provide fitting licenses for the usage and products involved. Licensing also covers a broad range of needs, including use as a corporate typeface.

Embedding in apps, games, industrial equipment, and more

Flexible licensing for your project

Font deployment is based on an optimal contract for the scale of your project, your development environment, or your business model, which may vary from one product to another. But one constant is our commitment, as an industry innovator, to introducing effective typefaces in emerging situations where new technologies are used. Whether you are still considering applications, need technical support, or find yourself somewhere in between, we welcome your inquiries.

Comprehensive licensing

Simplified global setup of font environments

Tell us your usage requirements, whether as a corporate typeface, in multiple products, globally with foreign subsidiaries or production companies, or in other scenarios. Working with our offices overseas, we will help arrange a contract that matches your objectives. We welcome your inquiries.

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Morisawa can meet your needs whether you are combining Japanese and Western typography, looking for suitable typefaces for specific purposes, or choosing a licensing option for your budget.

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Web and desktop fonts

Web and desktop fonts are available for purchase online.