Optimal customization for brands and products

Develop a compelling brand image through design customization that taps the Morisawa font library, in line with your brand image. To help meet product requirements, large Japanese or Chinese font files can also be reduced, among other technical customization.

Design customization

Encourages brand recall, strengthens brand power

For compelling branding, type customization faithful to your brand image is available. Morisawa excels at striking a good match with Latin scripts by drawing on an extensive library for Asian languages in particular, and expertise in this typography. Consistent global use of typefaces that embody a brand image can help make the brand more memorable and powerful.

Fine-tuning Asian typefaces to match original Latin ones already in use

Customizing certain letterforms to match a logotype

Customizing Latin fonts available from Morisawa

Developing original Latin fonts

Font data customization

Compared to Latin scripts, the large number of characters in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean greatly increases the file size of these fonts. Among these, fonts for printing often include characters that are not needed in fonts used on other devices or in applications. For smaller file sizes, Morisawa can customize this data for the environment of use. With technical support on font data also available, you will be just as confident in your products for Asian markets.

Font format ・OpenType
Available character sets Traditional Chinese characters ・Big5-1984
Simplified Chinese characters ・GB2312-80
Hangul ・KS X 1001
Latin ・Adobe Latin 1
Japanese ・Adobe Japan 1-3
・Adobe Japan 1-6

Note: Available character sets vary by font.

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Morisawa can meet your needs whether you are combining Japanese and Western typography, looking for suitable typefaces for specific purposes, or choosing a licensing option for your budget.

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