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Enhancing Society through Typography

For thousands of years, the written word has been used to share knowledge and ideas.
It is an enormously powerful medium, one that is able to transcend time and place. What were historical figures and people of the past thinking? It is the written word that enables us to know.

Morisawa is passionate about fonts and type—the most basic building blocks of words—and is constantly forging ahead with the creation of innovative new typefaces.

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Morisawa: A Long Tradition of Working with Type

Morisawa is a champion of the culture of typography—letters, fonts and typefaces—and the connection that it makes between the past and future.
We are one of the first type designers in Japan, and have made major contributions to the development of digital publishing. We pursue our craft with the end user always in mind.
Morisawa’s mission is the expansion of the possibilities of type both now and into the future.

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For Culture and the Society

This is how Morisawa is working to make people’s lives richer and more vibrant.


Contribution to Society


Morisawa fonts can be used in any application—business documents, ads, books, digital content and more.
Our wide range of products will fulfill any design, use and licensing requirements.


Morisawa’s typesetting products are built on our extensive experience and know-how, expertise that spans the analog and digital worlds.
We provide the most effective solutions using the latest in typesetting technology.

Digital Books

Morisawa is the answer to all of your digital publishing needs, from ebooks to magazines and graphic novels.
Our products are designed to work perfectly on any delivery platform.

Multilingual Digital
Communication Tools

Morisawa works to make communication easier in a variety of languages. In Japan and across the world, our products aid in the smooth flow of information.

On-Demand Printing Systems

Spanning the full range of cost, speed, resolution and color, Morisawa’s impressive line of products will meet any printing needs.
From standard offerings to our high-end, flagship line, we have a printing plan that is perfect for your project.


Promoting the culture and traditions of type
Bestowing the traditions of type culture to the future

A Forum on the Culture of Typography

As a company with a long history with the written word, we at Morisawa feel that it is our mission to convey our passion for the culture of typography to future generations. We regularly organize conferences and symposia aimed at wide audiences throughout a variety of industries.

Type Design Competition

Typefaces are becoming an ever more visible and important part of everyday life as the variety of media increases.
The Morisawa Type Design Competition is our way of contributing to the future of type culture by expanding the expressive possibilities of type, and by nurturing the font designers who will one day become the leaders of our industry.

Typesetting Classes

To ensure that Morisawa remains at the forefront of font design and typesetting software, and to pass on our extensive legacy of experience in typography, we are actively working to foster promising typesetting talent.
Morisawa works to ensure that the beauty of the traditional Japanese culture of lettering lives on in future generations.

Morisawa Square

To help preserve books and the written word as cultural assets for future generations, Morisawa’s collection of rare and historical printing artifacts is open to the public for viewing.

One-stop solution for web and desktop fonts


Explore hundreds of fonts from Morisawa and other
Asian foundries, including fonts for Japanese and other languages.

Font Embedding Solution

Morisawa is proud to provide a spectrum of fonts to meet many needs.
Embedded Morisawa fonts are perfect for smartphones and other phones, infotainment systems, software and mobile apps, medical devices, industrial equipment, control panels, game consoles, home electronics, digital signage, and more..

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Morisawa’s Fonts Know No Borders…

In today’s digital world, the written word is not limited by borders. Leveraging the know-how and experience gained through nearly a century in the typesetting and font design industry, Morisawa will continue to contribute to society and the culture of typography through its work in many languages.