Extensive library with broad language support

Support in choosing optimal typefaces for your needs and stage of overseas expansion

Unlock the global potential of your products with a font library that offers comprehensive support for Asia and other markets. Let us help you choose optimal typefaces for your communication needs or current stage of overseas expansion.

Essential in products optimized for local or regional needs

Business expansion to other countries or regions clearly relies on initial research into local cultures and customs. The same is true of typography. Your intended message will resonate with target markets more easily when suitably typeset in fonts carefully chosen for local cultures and trends. To offer this locally attuned design, Morisawa maintains a font library that numbers in the thousands. Latin represent an ample portion, but many expertly designed Chinese and Korean typefaces are also available. This expertise in Asian typography translates to solid local business support.

Guidance from type directors

The Morisawa library includes a generous range of Japanese typefaces as well as an extensive Chinese and Korean selection. We can also suggest multilingual solutions. Type directors specializing in each language can help you attain your design goals and accurately convey your message by suggesting suitable typefaces.

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Morisawa can meet your needs whether you are combining Japanese and Western typography, looking for suitable typefaces for specific purposes, or choosing a licensing option for your budget.

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Web and desktop fonts

Web and desktop fonts are available for purchase online.