Font Embedding Solution


A bitmap font is a font consisting of dots and can be used with almost all embedded devices and applications. With a bitmap font, you can display and print characters in an environment without an OS. As such, this font is widely used in a variety of home electrical appliances, electronic dictionaries, car navigation systems (to display minimum characters), industrial equipment, electronic bulletin boards, and so on.


  • Display of characters of sizes 1 through 3, with the displayable character sizes predetermined
  • Display of characters in an environment with no embedded rasterizer
  • Display of characters with a low-power CPU
  • Display of characters on a low-pixel device
  • If the character size used is small, and the ROM or other data storage capacity is insufficient.


  • Is easy to embed.
  • Can display small characters clearly.

Relationship between body size and letter size

The size (frame) of a bitmap font is called the body size, while the height and width of the area containing the dot information is called the letter size.

  • Language: Japanese
  • Typeface: Gothic
  • Body size: 16 × 16 (height × width), letter size: 15 × 15 (height × width)
  • Line width: 1 dot
  • Letter space (margin): 1 dot at the bottom, 1 dot on the right