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Morisawa Inc. General Privacy Policy

Morisawa Inc. Policy for Protecting Personal Information

Basic Policy

We, Morisawa Inc., by handling personal information safely and accurately, protect any personal information of our customers, clients and everyone who provides personal information to our company (hereinafter referred to as “the principal”) and prove worthy of the principal’s trust.

Handling of personal information

With regard to collection and usage of personal information, we explain to the principal the purpose of usage of personal information before we collect it, and use it appropriately within the scope of specific purpose. We never share or provide personal information with third parties except in the cases that we obtain the principal's consent or it is permitted by law.

With regard to respect for the rights, we always respect for the rights of individual(s) regarding personal information. If we are requested to disclose, correct or suspend the usage of the personal information by the principal, we make necessary measures it as far as it is considered rational.

With regard to management of personal information, we make every effort to prevent leakage, manipulation and any kinds of troubles of personal information. We also set corporate regulations and manage personal information appropriately.

Our corporate activity

  1. In accordance with Basic Policy all the employees of Morisawa Inc. follow the laws and other regulations relevant to personal information.
  2. We designate a person in charge of management of personal information and make every effort to handle personal information appropriately and to manage it safety.
  3. Concerning the protection of personal information, we set corporate regulations and apply them adequately.
  4. Concerning the protection of personal information, we conduct necessary educational activities for employees.
  5. Concerning the protection of personal information, we request individual(s) or affiliated companies to support us as appropriate.
  6. This privacy policy and any information that is considered essential to protect personal information will be available in our Website and/or publications.
  7. We reassess our management for the protection of personal information from time to time as the laws and circumstances change, and improve them consecutively.

Morisawa Inc.,
Representative Director and President

Akihiko Morisawa

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Concerning collection of personal information on our Website

Our company may collect personal information on this Website from our customers to achieve the following purposes:

  1. To send our products, the appended goods and/or our corporate brochure.
  2. To provide any kinds of helpful information, such as our product support information and our service guide.
  3. To confirm the order and payment method of each transaction.
  4. To respond to questions from customers.
  5. To provide our fee based service.
  6. To send our invitation of exhibitions, seminars, lectures and other events, and to accept applications for them as well.
  7. To contact and exchange information in recruiting.

We are not responsible for any treatment of personal information in other Websites which are linked to or linked by ours.