Font Embedding Solution

Font Embedding Solution

Embed, in your product, an attractive font that is well liked by users.

A "font embedding solution" is one that is embedded into the OS of a device, software, and so on as data for use.
Morisawa fonts, which have been very well received for their appearance and excellent readability in the printing industry ever since the era of photosetting, are also used in a variety of display devices, applications, and special printers.
We can offer fonts together with custom engines for special environments such as real-time OSs.

Embedding Fonts

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Case study

NetEase Games

Infinite Borders

Fonts:RA HanaBotan Std DB



Fonts:TB Gothic Pro R

Tencent Technology(Shenzhen) Company Limited


Fonts: Shingo M, Ryumin R

Tencent Technology(Shenzhen) Company Limited

Code Dragon Blood

Fonts: Shingo M, A1Gothic R, Gothic MB101 B



Fonts: Kyokasho ICA M

Lilith Games

AFK Arena

Fonts: Jun 34, G2Sanserif, TBDigialTVMincho H,etc.

Lilith Games


Fonts: ShinGo B, Reimin H, Kanteiryu, etc.

Offered solutions

Morisawa offers three types of font embedding solutions.


TrueType fonts/OpenType fonts, which can also be used for printed matter, are fonts that can best represent the features of the typeface and the beauty of the characters. They support a large number of platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android, and can be used with a variety of items such as printers, software, information terminal equipment, acoustic equipment, electronic shelf labels, gaming devices, medical equipment, industrial products, and ASPs.


A bitmap font is a font consisting of dots and can be used with almost all embedded devices and applications. With a bitmap font, you can display and print characters in an environment without an OS. As such, this font is widely used in a variety of home electrical appliances, electronic dictionaries, car navigation systems (to display minimum characters), industrial equipment, electronic bulletin boards, and so on.

Low volume font + custom engine


This font reproduces a typeface of a quality comparable to that attained with printing, when used in combination with a custom engine. It is best suited for UI designs that play a major role in the branding of products. You can add plug-ins for ligatures and scripts for writing from right to left.


This is a high-speed engine that minimizes the data size of a font. It is best suited to devices that require the display of Chinese characters but no typeface variations. It is particularly effective for reducing the font data volume for Japanese and Chinese (simplified and traditional).


This font and engine are ideal if you want to install more than one bitmap font in a device in which you cannot install a scalable font engine for an embedded device. Our proprietary compression technology can minimize the bitmap font volume.

Mobile Font

This is a scalable font with which a range of font sizes can be realized, using a low volume font and a custom rasterizer. It is recommended for devices that place emphasis on weight and performance. It can display small to large characters clearly and at high speed on mobile phones, e-book readers, tablets, and so on.

Layout Engine

LLayout Engine can easily display languages that have a complicated configuration, such as Thai, Arabic, and Hindi.
It supports bitmap fonts, RT-Engine, Mobile Font, and TrueType fonts.

Fonts for the Chinese market

Morisawa provides fonts conforming to China's national GB standards – mandatory for any Simplified Chinese fonts used for products exported to or sold in China.

Fonts for the Chinese market