Features of Hiragino Gyosyo

Hiragino Gyosyo is a gyosyo (semi-cursive style) brush script type. Based on the lettering by the Japanese calligrapher Kei Tanaka, the type foundry Jiyu Kobo adjusted the style, weight, line quality, and strokes of the letters to create a full-fledged typeface. It is designed to have a free and easy appearance while fitting inside the bounding box. The typeface comes in two weights of W4 and W8. The extra bold Hiragino Gyosyo W8 – perfect for headlines and titles in magazines and ads, as well as packaging and on-screen captions – can be used in settings where bold brush letters in kaisho (block style) are usually the choice. Hiragino Gyosyo W4 is good for body text where the original light weight of gyosho script is preferable.




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Fonts AJ1-3 AJ1-5 AJ1-6 U-PRESS
OTF Std/StdN OTF Pro/ProN OTF Pr6N OTF Upr Adobe-GB1-4
W4 ok none none none none
W8 ok none none none none