Adding new fonts released in 2020 on fonts distribution App “Morisawa Passport for iPad” The fonts can be used on “Adobe Illustrator iPad”

What’s New

1, Newly added typefaces

The newly added typefaces are,

 - Kuretake Meiseki

 Kuretake Meiseki is an old style Gothic typeface combined with the Chinese characters "Meiseki" revived from Jin dynasty epitaph "Wang Xingzhi" unearthed from the ground in the suburbs of Nanjing, China, and the Japanese (kana) "Kuretake" revived from the specimen book of Morikawa Ryubundo. The engraving style based on Clerical script creates a nostalgic yet simple charm.

 - Penpal

 Penpal is a friendly typeface reminiscent of the handwriting of felt-tip pen. It features a unique freehand stroke like the one you see on a memo: a memo that you can sense the voice of whoever left the note to you. Unlike the friendliness looks of this typeface, the stability of its skeleton creates consistency and readability. Penpal will give a soft and catchy impression when used for headings and captions.

 - Lutes UD

 Lutes UD PE is a low-contrast, clear and neat serif typeface that takes into consideration visibility on digital devices. It supports 151 languages and contains not only Latin alphabets, but also Cyrillic, Greek, and Vietnamese characters. When used in combination with the multilingual UD Rei Min series, it supports a wider range of languages.

2, AP version

With the addition of new typefaces, "Shin Go", "Shin Maru Go", and "Rei Min Gradation Family" will be replaced to the AP version.

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MORISAWA PASSPORT for iPad is a font providing app by Morisawa Inc. that can be used on iPad. By installing it on your iPad, you can enhance your design and creative environment more than ever.

In addition to popular Japanese fonts carefully selected from Morisawa and TypeBank brands, you can use a wide variety of fonts, including multilingual fonts and newly released fonts.

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