Morisawa USA Launches ZeBrand for Early-stage Startups and Small Businesses

Morisawa USA Inc. announces the launch of ZeBrand, a service focused on helping early-stage companies create brand toolkits, with as little friction as possible. When entrepreneurs are self-starting a company a commonly made mistake is overlooking the importance of branding. Establishing a cohesive brand identity during the early stages of a business helps a company gain internal clarity as well as external credibility before launching to the public. Zebrand’s free service makes it easy for entrepreneurs to quickly formulate a brand and get the basics that they need to hit the ground running as they bring their visions to life.

Those who lack design skills will be relieved to discover that ZeBrand makes branding possible without having to rely on designers or brand experts. After answering just a few questions, ZeBrand’s original algorithm will generate a brand toolkit, an optimum set of key brand elements including design layout, color and typography. This toolkit serves as a powerful tool for creating visual cohesion, alignment amongst team members, and brand consistency within all aspects of the startup.

Here are some ways that businesses can benefit from ZeBrand’s Brand Toolkit service:

  • If a company is unclear of their mission, vision, or core brand values, ZeBrand will ask a few questions to help clarify and sort out answers. These will then inform and be included in the toolkit as a brand statement
  • If a startup has tentatively decided on a logo but feeling unsure or lukewarm about it, ZeBrand can take the current logo into consideration and then suggest different options
  • Brand colors and typography are typically not a startup’s core expertise and with ZeBrand a startup will be able to understand the most appropriate colors and typography for their brand

About ZeBrand

ZeBrand is a branding app that makes jump starting your brand easy. Our free web service helps early-stage startups shape and bring clarity to their brands by decoding their vision, visualizing and organizing assets, and delivering it all in a package so that teams are immediately aligned to hit the ground running.

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