News Regarding the Release of an English Version of the Comparative Research and Experiments of UD Fonts

Now Available: Comparative Research Reports on Morisawa UD Fonts in English

Developed with the key concepts of easily decipherable character shapes that are hard to misread, and good readability as sentences, Morisawa UD fonts have been used widely by various media that are conscious of universal design, since the fonts were released in November 2009. The comparative research report compares the UD fonts to other fonts including fonts on which the designs of the UD fonts were based, and compiles evidence (results of academic research) related to readability and distinguishability.

Conducted jointly with a third party, Keio University, results of the experiments showed that for many people, including people with vision problems such as weak eyesight, Morisawa UD fonts found to provide better distinguishability of letters and better efficiency in conveying the information when compared to other fonts.

In addition to Japanese fonts, comparative research reports performed on Hangul, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese fonts are also released in English.


Reports can be accessed here: