Morisawa Acquires U.S.-based Occupant LLC’s All Licensed Fonts, Brand

Morisawa Inc. (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Akihiko Morisawa) which has developed various high-quality Japanese-language typefaces and won the confidence of the printing and publishing markets as well as creators in Japan, has announced that the company has acquired U.S. font maker Occupant LLC’s font business division and its brand.

Occupant LLC., headed by Cyrus Highsmith, produces and sells his typefaces as well as his own books and prints. The company offers 544 individual typefaces, ranging from highly acclaimed conventional designs typically used in text and headlines, to those which fully reflect Highsmith’s distinct visual style. All these designs can now be used in Morisawa’s products and services both independently as well as with the company’s Japanese fonts.

Occupant LLC’s best-selling typeface, “Antenna”

The calm and deliberation of Antenna offers further development to the excitement and mobility that we have come to expect from the hand of Cyrus Highsmith. Beyond the tension of his normal line, Highsmith places a new emphasis on the repeat and variation of counter shapes with the spaces between characters. Antenna’s rhythms project business-like subtleties through seven weights in four widths, with matching italics.


About Occupant LLC.

Established in 2015, Occupant LLC. not only produces typefaces but also publishes and sells books, including children’s picture books and prints, among other items. There are a wide variety of typefaces designed by Cyrus Highsmith, including type that can be used for printing and can be displayed on screens. All of his original typefaces clearly reflect his distinct visual style and creativity.