Morisawa Inc. releases 10 additional TypeBank fonts to Typekit on Adobe Creative Cloud

Morisawa Inc. (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Akihiko Morisawa) announced today that it has released 10 new styles from the font library of TypeBank Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Nobuaki Nakamura), a subsidiary of Morisawa, to Typekit on Adobe Creative Cloud.

Morisawa first released Japanese fonts from the font libraries of both Morisawa and TypeBank to Typekit in October, 2015, and these Japanese fonts have been available all over the world through Adobe Creative Cloud, the world's most trusted design platform.

The following10 additional styles are released to Typekit this time. They include the “TBUD series,” Universal Design typefaces incorporating readability research results by third-party academic institutions, and “Kanji Typos 48,” a Kanji design of the retro font, Typos, released in 1960’s~70’s.


Kanji Typos 48 (Top) / Kanji Typos 412 (Bottom)

Shown above is the Kanji design typeface of Typos, which was a big hit in 1960’s~70’s in Japan. Since the Kanji design typeface of Typos first appeared in 1968 in a journal by Group Typo, its designs have changed with the times, and in 2008 it was incorporated into a digital font typeface for the first time. Even after over 40 years, the design is still fresh, and its coquettish appearance charms many Typos fans.


TBUD Gothic R (Top) / B (Middle) / H (Bottom)

The TBUD Gothic series is a Universal Design Gothic typeface that achieves both legibility and balance. In order to make characters legible, Hane and Geta are omitted intentionally when they appear on crowded lines. They were carefully designed, not just widening the faces to keep forms of characters, but also making the Kana slightly smaller compared to Kanji to improve the rhythm of sentences.

TBUD Maru Gothic R (Top) / B (Middle) / H (Bottom)

The TBUD Maru Gothic series is a typeface with a soft form and a friendly expression, which is ideal for public signage environments where accessibility is crucial.


TBUD Mincho M (Top) / H (Bottom)

The TBUD Mincho series is a typeface that provides legibility and readability while maintaining a magnificent Mincho design. In general, horizontal lines of fonts in the Mincho style are designed to be thin that it may be difficult to read for people with poor vision or from a distance. The thickness of the horizontal lines of the TBUD Mincho is designed to have the same width in both vertical and horizontal thickness so that characters are clearly legible and suitable for viewing from a distance.