Features of Shuei Mincho

The "Shuei Tai" was developed from the printing typeface inherited from Shueisha, the predecessors of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., which continued this typeface for more than 100 years. "Shuei Ming-cho" is highly acclaimed body text by both bookmakers and readers, and the unique connecting-flow characteristics of this typeface continue with "Shuei Tai." While maintaining an eye-pleasing blackness, its strength is the creation of a bright, well-ordered, relaxed ambience. It is available as a family of L, M, B weight variations and easy to use in both body text and headlines.

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Fonts Min set AJ1-2 AJ1-3 AJ1-4 AJ1-5 AJ1-6 U-PRESS Meiryo based
OTF Min NewCID OTF Std OTF Pro OTF Pr5 OTF Pr6/Pr6N OTF Upr TT for Vista
L none none none none ok ok none none
M none none none ok none ok none none
B none none none ok none ok none none